Apply Now! Sam Mustafa Charleston Scholarship Program

Apply Now! Sam Mustafa Charleston Scholarship Program

Here at the Charleston Hospitality Group we are known for our outstanding restaurants accompanied by our delicious food. All six of our restaurants: Toast! All Day, Eli’s Table, HonkyTonk Saloon, Queology, and John King Grill and Piano Bar have been nothing but massive successes with diverse menus, entertainment and promotions that never disappoint. The brains behind Charleston Hospitality Group and all of our success is Founder and CEO Sam Mustafa. Sam started the company on his own with money he saved from working various jobs in the food industry, which instilled in him a lot of the core values that he works to educate his employees on. As the leader of Charleston Hospitality Group, Sam works to bring dedication, passion, and drive to his restaurant empire.

Part of Sam’s journey to success was when he decided to move from Jordan, where he was born and raised, to America to attend Southern Illinois University- Carbondale. During his student career, Sam discovered that his calling was in the restaurant business. While working towards receiving his degree in engineering Sam also began his career learning every facet of the service industry. He knew at a young age that his career path was in Entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry.

Sam believes that education is one of the most important things in life and is the founder of the Sam Mustafa Charleston Scholarship Program. Sam is committed to ensuring that students are provided with the financial assistance they need to attend college. Sam Mustafa has made it a priority to use his platform to give back to his community. Improving access to post-secondary education, for both recent graduates and mature students, is an area that he strongly believes in. Higher education is a vital resource for developing new skills, relationships, and interests. Most importantly, it helps prepare students for a successful lifelong career that they are passionate about. During times of change in their professional careers, they can lean on the diverse skill set they developed throughout their education to adapt and persevere.

The goal of this scholarship program is to provide an opportunity for students to improve themselves further in their career development. As someone whose career began while he was at school, Sam believes that higher education is an opportunity that everyone should have. Not only does further education help young adults realize their career path early, it also builds skills the new generation of professional workers needs in order to be successful in their chosen career. Sam believes that everyone deserves to get an education. With support of his scholarship program, Sam will provide financial assistance to 10 individuals who are starting off their journey.

Sam Mustafa Scholarship

About the Program:

The Prize:
The scholarship program prize will select 10 college students in the United States will receive a prize of $5,000 USD and it is not required for any specific program.

Required Document:
To be eligible, students must submit proof of acceptance or enrollment in an accredited US college program

Essay Response:
Submit a 500+ word essay to the scholarship question: “What is the biggest issue facing our nation today? How do we overcome it?”

To the community, Charleston Hospitality Group is a great place to eat and visit, and to our employees, we are also a great place to work! Not only do we have fantastic food here at Charleston Hospitality Group (that employees get discounts on) but the benefits do not stop there. Here at Charleston Hospitality Group we match your 401k plan in addition to providing all of our employees multiple insurance benefits. If you are a full-time employee you can look forward to receiving paid time off. At Charleston Hospitality Group we want our employees to succeed. You will have the opportunity to grow within the company. Professional career development and growth is integrated in our core values and we want to see all of our employees exceed their full potential. Working at Charleston Hospitality Group is not confined to the four walls of our establishments, we also have fun company events happening all year round!

Looking to become a part of our rapidly expanding company?
We are now hiring here at Charleston Hospitality Group and if you are interested here is the link below:

At Charleston Hospitality Group not only are we a one of a kind company to work for, but the values CEO Sam and us as a company have set this restaurant empire apart from others. Sam’s involvement in not only his own scholarship program but other charitable donations is the foundation this company was built on. In addition to the Sam Mustafa Charleston Scholarship Program in March of 2020, we here at CHG launched our very own charitable initiative: Full Belly, Full Hearts (FBFH) where we aim to provide overworked hospitality, healthcare, and other frontline workers with hot meals for no cost.

Here at CHG we pride ourselves in giving back to the community. If you would like to be a part of our family, please send us an application as we would love to hear from you. And if you are interested in applying to the Sam Mustafa Charleston Scholarship program, here is the link below:

We look forward to hearing from you!