The More You Eat, The More You’re Rewarded

The More You Eat, The More You’re Rewarded

Treat Yourself! Save Money While Dining Decadently at CHG Locations

One of the biggest predicaments frequent restaurant guests face is determining how much they’re likely to spend when they go out to eat. Guests often compare the costs of the dish they’d love to indulge in vs. their regular go-to items. Even if guests are to get the entree they want, there are sides and desserts on the menu that people often opt-out of getting to save the money. Charleston Hospitality Group believes that all of their guests deserve the BEST, so they’re taking the steps they can to make sure that guests do not have to worry about pricing. This is why we have implemented a reward system to keep our guests coming back regularly as we stay mindful of their pocketbooks.

The More You Eat, The More You’re Rewarded

Charleston Hospitality Group has created a rewards program where customers have the opportunity to save money and earn points for future visits. Every time you spend $100 you get $10 added to your account to use for the future. The more you spend, the more points you accumulate. You’ll also receive exclusive invites to special events, try new menu items before anyone else, and get special perks! Monday – Friday you are able to earn triple points anytime from 4pm-7pm. Not only do you get points every time you spend money but you get 25 points just for signing up for the program!

To sweeten the deal and tease the senses, we’ve pre-selected some desserts and sides that are $10 and under so you can get the most bang for your buck during your next meal. Now, with the rewards program you can enjoy a variety of sides and desserts from any Charleston Hospitality Group restaurant guilt-free!

Toast! All Day
Use your rewards towards some delicious, lightly powdered, New Orleans Beignets that are just $6.99.

If you don’t want biscuits and gravy as a main meal but you feel as if you need a dash of southern food with your main meal you can get a side of House-Made ButterMilk Biscuit and Sausage Gravy for just $6.99.

It gets even better. Now all Toast! All Day locations offer TRIPLE loyalty points between the times of 2-8PM! That’s three extra hours of rewards!

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Beignet Blog

Take advantage of Quology’s Peach Cobbler that’s just $6. Spiced with Cinnamon and Served with Whipped Creme this is the perfect dessert for you $10 credit to go towards.

Make it cheesy and savoury with a side of Mac and Cheese for only $5. Use the remaining $4 of your $10 credit and add a side of coleslaw for $4. Not a bad combo,huh?

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Queology Sides

HonkyTonk Saloon
Although, best known for their weekly entertainment and BBQ, if you want a classic dessert that isn’t too filling, the HonkyTonk Saloon has some milk and cookies for just $3.99 which will leave your sugar craving satisfied. Treat your date and get them one too!

Why get a side when you can get an appetizer? Their appetizer menu offers great portions for $10. Get some Mozzarella Sticks for just $7 or go big and spend your $10 credit on some nachos. They are sure to please everyone at your table.

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Mozzarella sticks

Eli’s Table
If you’re looking to spend your credit on one item, this is the item we recommend for you. Eli’s Table creme brulee.This creme brulee is creamy, pudding-like baked custard with a brittle top of melted sugar that cracks when you gently tap it with your spoon. This dessert pairs perfectly with our Espresso Martinis. Make it a date night!

These sides might be just as amazing as the main meals. For $7 you can get some Smoked Gouda Grits. If you happen to have more than $10 towards your account or you just want to splurge and spend the extra $1 you can get Smoked Gouda Macaroni or Chef’s Risotto for $11.

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Creme brulee

JohnKing Grill and Bar
Wanna hear something tasty? John King Grill and Bar has 6 appetizers all under $10. You can get anything from $8 soft pretzels and beer cheese to loaded fries for the same price. You can also mix it up and get some house named John King Fresh Fried Pork Rinds with your choice of either craft beer cheese ($7) or house pimento cheese ($9). Not to mention the House Made Pimento Cheese with some scrumptious Garlic Texas Toast and Pickles ($9).

As if you didn’t have enough appetizers to pick from, all 5 of John King Grill’s sides are only $4.50. Whether you want some french fries or a half chopped salad, it doesn’t matter because you can get both and still have $1 of your $10 credit left over that you can use for $0.50 side dressings/dips!

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Pretzel Bites

Now that we have listed all the tasty desserts, sides, and appetizers you can get with the rewards program, there is no other option than to sign up and get your money’s worth. In addition to getting $10 back for every $100 you spend, more perks include invitations to special events and the opportunity to try even more delicious menu items before the public gets to enjoy them. This rewards program helps you at not just one of Charleston Hospitality Group’s restaurants but at all five in all locations. So do yourself a favor and start saving money now while eating well. We look forward to seeing you at one of our restaurants soon!