Wine & Dine All Day at Charleston Hospitality Group for National Wine Day

Wine & Dine All Day at Charleston Hospitality Group for National Wine Day

Whether you are making your way to a restaurant downtown, going to watch the dazzling Charleston sunset with a friend or sitting in a bubble bath with the company of one, it seems that a glass of wine can make any experience go from good to great. For all you wine lovers out there, your day is coming up. Yes, National Wine Day is upon us, and it comes just in time for some gorgeous spring weather. National Wine Day is May 25th, and Charleston Hospitality Group is bringing you a list of some of our favorite wines you can enjoy.

For the one that sips on red:
We all know a red wine connoisseur. The thought of any wine besides red does not appeal to them, and when they are sipping on this profound drink, they likely hit the hay at a reasonable hour. For all you red lovers out there, today is a wonderful excuse to hit the town with a large chalice filled to the brim with red wine! We recommend heading to Eli’s Table and ordering a glass of the Four Graces Pinot Noir. This Origonian wine is lustrous on the palette, delivering subtle hints of strawberry, cherry, and black raspberries. This elegant red is laced with black olive and truffle giving it a polished aftertaste. At $16 a glass and $63 for the bottle, this pinot noir is a must on this day.

For the go-to white getter:
Everyone has had a night where they splurge on white wine. The fresh, fruity taste is sometimes extremely hard to resist and goes great with a number of different dishes. It almost makes sense to open up a bottle of white after work or while making dinner for the family. Eli’s Table, once again, has the perfect suggestions for the person that is craving a cold glass of white wine on this lovely day. Priced at $98 a bottle, Cakebread Cellars brings an elevated tasting Chardonnay to the table. Flavors of baked apple, toasted oak, and brioche harmonize the mouth with a rich yet fresh lasting taste. If you are looking for a french wine, one can also purchase the Louis Latour Chardonnay, a top quality wine aged in stainless steel for 10 months for $10 a glass and $33 for the bottle.

For the Rose lover:
Ah, rose. The best day time wine on the market! On nice afternoons, it almost feels as if the sunshine is begging you to have a glass of long stemmed light pink wine. Well, if you’re looking for a place to do just that, we have you covered. If you have not been to Toast! Of Charleston, here is your chance to go. Toast! Is well known for their food, as well as drinks, and they have the perfect glass of rose for the National Wine Day. The Rosehaven Rose is a still wine that is vibrant while also managing to be a light rose. At only $7 for a glass and $30 for the whole bottle, it seems extremely hard for a rose lover to pass up this wonderful deal in some great daytime atmosphere!

Charleston, we love you. We hope you have a great National Wine Day, while also selecting to drink responsibility! Choose to spend this day with the people who you love that lift you up. We hope to see you at one of our restaurants!