Get Smashed, Bang On The Keys!

Get Smashed, Bang On The Keys!

Looking to make this 4th of July fun, memorable and filled with mouth-watering smash burgers you’ll be thinking about for days to come? We’re confident when we say that we have you covered – and in more ways than one…

Declare your freedom from a mundane holiday and celebrate like it’s 1776 here at JohnKing Grill and Piano Bar. JohnKing Grill and Piano Bar, part of Charleston Hospitality Group understand that planning the perfect Fourth can be challenging. Finding something for everyone, the perfect food and atmosphere is essential. That’s why we’re getting smashed and banging on the keys all night long!

Are you a fan of our famous dueling piano show? This Fourth of July weekend we have created the perfect event for you. Pianos gone Patriot! This Thursday, July 1st – and running through Sunday, July 4th – we are hosting a July 4th edition of our famous dueling piano show. If you’re looking to hear some musical fireworks over the Independence Day weekend, come be a part of the hype with our patriotic-themed show. Our performers will be taking requests for all songs Americana! It’s one NON-stop show from 8 pm to 1 am *and beyond!

While you’re here, you have to try one of our mouth-watering and uniquely crafted smash burgers. Our burgers are highly acclaimed in downtown Charleston by locals, tourists and all those who appreciate a juicy, flavorful burger.

Have you ever had a Smash Burger before? You’re probably wondering what makes our smash burgers unique. Here, at JohnKing, we take smash burgers very seriously. We use a specialty blend of shirt rib, brisket, and chuck. The “burger balls’’ are then smashed on the screaming hot grill, and stacked. This creates many layers of caramelized beefy goodness- something called the Maillard Reaction. Our smash burgers are available in ¼ ,⅓ or ½ pound patties- and we recommend doubling up!While all of our burgers are equally as tasty as the next, below we are highlighting what we consider to be the top 5 smash burgers at JK Grill and Bar.

The King’s Favorite’s

  1. Charleston Burger

This house favorite is the epitome of Charleston,SC. The Honey Gold sauce paired with pickles and applewood bacon provides the perfect flavor combination,with a southern twist. On top of that, the pimento cheese, coleslaw, and classic white onions complete this southern-style burger. Pimento cheese on everything, no room for discussion!

  1. Mushroom Swiss Burger

If you want a burger that’s a little less heavy, the mushroom burger is the way to go. Loaded with Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and mayo it’s the perfect “lighter” burger with a still favorable taste.

  1. Buffalo

If you’re a classic buffalo lover this is the burger for you! It doesn’t end with buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing.Topped with pepper jack cheese, romaine, and white onion- you have yourself the perfect 4th of July buffalo burger.

  1. BBQ Bacon

Would it really be a Fourth of July meal without bacon or BBQ involved? This BBQ bacon burger has all the necessities like sharp American cheese, pickles, and mayo. What really makes this BBQ bacon burger unmatched to the competition is that we top it off with some fried onion rings and add a generous drizzle of smoky BBQ sauce.

  1. Diablo

Siracha fans wanted! If you love all things spicy, look no further. This burger is jam-packed with pepper jack cheese, fried onion rings, jalapenos and sriracha mayo. This burger offers the “kick” you are looking for.

Sneak Peek of the Action

Check out what’s to come! Get ready for American classics, like Sweet Home Alabama all night long. Our pianist will be sure to take all your favorite requests and provide you with an experience that’s good enough to bring back home and tell all your friends about!


Go out with a BANG!


If you’re a true Patriot, we know we will find you celebrating your Independence Day with us at JohnKing Grill and Piano Bar. We know you agree when we say, there is no better combination than smash burgers and live patriotic musical entertainment. Grab yourself a smash burger, a cold, refreshing drink and tickets to the show! Seating is limited, make sure to get your tickets before we sell out!


How Do I Become Part of the Action?!


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