July 4th BBQ Tips from the Queing’ Masters at Queology

July 4th BBQ Tips from the Queing’ Masters at Queology

Fourth of July is right around the corner and if you’re in charge of coming up with an unforgettable BBQ meal this holiday, you have to read the tips below! Pitmasters of Queology restaurant, part of Charleston Hospitality Group, Gregory Wouters, Joe Summers and Jake Mills have laid out below their top BBQing tips, secret recipes and how to recreate some of Queology’s fan favorites.

4th of July is coming up, what #1 piece of advice would you give to anyone looking to grill BBQ as mouth-watering as Queology?

Patience. The biggest piece of advice any pitmaster can give anyone new to the BBQ game is, you cannot rush the process. Low and slow is the only way to get the desired results. Fat takes a good deal of time to render and breakdown the collagen which in turn provides that moist flavor-packed meat everyone is looking for.

What are your top 3 grilling tips when it comes to serving award-winning BBQ?

The right equipment and the right ingredients are essential in creating a BBQ entree that is tender, juicy and fat rendered to perfection.Take your time, your guests would rather wait for perfect BBQ than have a mediocre product served in a timely fashion. And don’t forget to rest your meat, one huge mistake people make is not giving the meat time to rest which allows the moisture to get reabsorbed. If you slice it too early that entire flavor is going to be left on the cutting board and not in your meat.

Smoking Meats

What’s your secret sauce of success for award-winning BBQ?

Find the flavor profile that works best for the BBQ you are making. The reason our menu is limited is due to the process of smoking our BBQ to perfection. Our pitmaster along with our executive chefs from our other restaurant concepts have created our own special pork rub and poultry rub that gives our BBQ that distinct, mouth-watering, unforgettable flavor. Not to mention our 3 signature sauces that we have created pair perfectly with anything on the menu. A lot of thought has gone into our BBQ process; hence the name Queology. We are exactly what our name says, the study of BBQ; if there is a better way to make BBQ we will be one of the first to learn it.

BBQ Sauces

What is your signature BBQ dish at Queology?

While it is quite hard to pick one signature dish from our menu, we have found our slow smoked baby back ribs to continuously blow people away. The smoky aroma from our hickory wood combined with our award-winning rubs and signature sauces offer a flavorful and aromatic experience for all of our guests. Using our signature pork rub and then our low and slow cooking technique, the final product is truly unmatched to the competition.

Baby Back Ribs

What is the most requested dish at Queology?

Recently, we have added smoked brisket to our menu, and the demand for it has been remarkable. At first, we were only smoking brisket for special occasions and holidays. Since introducing it to the menu, we have had to start making it every weekend to keep up with our guest demand.

What dish from the Queology menu would you recommend to people to serve at their 4th of July BBQ this year?

We recommend that people get themselves a nice Boston butt cut of pork and smoke it using hickory wood. Once you have smoked the meat and pulled it apart you can make anything from sliders and sandwiches to other twists on traditional barbecue, such as smoked pork nachos, or smoked pork tacos. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you start the night before. Give yourself plenty of time to perfect the art of “Queing”. You can always rest the meat longer, but you can’t make it cook any faster.

Pulled Pork Nachos

Awards & Accolades

If those expert tips didn’t convince you these three pitmasters know what they’re talking about, Queology’s list of accolades and awards should say enough. The two most recent of the 11 awards Queology has won includes 1st place in Pork and 3rd place in Ribs at the Berkeley Bar-B-Que Cook-Off. Not to mention, they were the Grand Champion at the Commissioners Cup “Smokin at the Farmers Market”.It doesn’t stop there! Part of mastering the art of barbecue includes continuous learning, testing and improving the craft.This Summer, Queology will also be competing in the First Annual Charleston Smoke Show on August 28th.Whether you’re a BBQ expert, honing your skills, or you’re just a fan of Queology, these tips from pitmasters Gregory Wouters, Joe Summers and Jake Mills are sure to help you make your 4th of July BBQ unforgettable- and very tasty!

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