Hero Hour at Toast! All Day

Hero Hour at Toast! All Day
Here at Charleston Hospitality Group we make it a priority to honor the people who make the biggest impact in our lives. Heroes are all around us in our everyday lives. In 2020, COVID-19 challenged all of us as we tried to navigate how to continue our lives during this worldwide pandemic. Teachers and Healthcare workers, in true heroic form, guided us all through this difficult time. In addition, we want to honor the heroes who are active in the military who risk their lives everyday to protect ours.
With hospitals being busier than ever, teachers navigating virtual learning from their living room, and the military working overtime, the challenges on how to go about our daily lives have never ceased since the beginning of 2020. Teachers, healthcare workers and the military took on these challenges and continued to be there for the community every step of the way. From taking care of countless numbers of patients to figuring out a curriculum that keeps students engaged virtually to our military that continues to dedicate their lives to protect our freedoms as Americans, these individuals are the true heroes we are grateful to have. Their constant heroism is what keeps us moving forward as a nation and within our local communities.
That is why Toast! All Day has a new promotion called “Hero Hour” that is currently at the Toast of Summerville and West Ashley locations. This promotion honors the everyday heroes in our lives such as teachers, healthcare workers and those who are active in the military as our way of saying thank you for everything you do for us and the community. This promotion will also be available at all Toast All Day locations soon! The details of the “Hero Hour” promotion reads below:
Calling All Heroes! Toast! All Day is celebrating you… with a 15% discount on your meal from 7-9am and 4-6pm. We believe teachers, healthcare professionals and the military deserve a special shout out, so we created this offer just for you!
To receive this promotion, simply let your server know and show your ID/credentials and we will take 15% off your bill! Whether it’s after your late-night at the hospital, after school, or your first day back from deployment, we’ll take care of you. (Cape optional!) This promo is available only at Toast of West Ashley and Toast of Summerville- soon to be available at a Toast All Day near you!
At Charleston Hospitality Group we want to show our appreciation and gratitude for the heroes who make the world go round. Healthcare workers, Teachers and the military are some of the most important heroes in our lives. From all of us here at Charleston Hospitality Group and Toast All Day we want to say thank you to our heroes. We hope to see all military, healthcare workers and teachers stop by Toast! All Day and enjoy some of our A+ food!
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