Lucky number 7 & 7 Speciality Mimosas at Toast! All Day

Lucky number 7 & 7 Speciality Mimosas at Toast! All Day

Cheers to July! What better way to kick off our favorite summer month than sharing our go-to cocktail guide, where we are highlighting 7 specialty mimosas from Toast! All Day.

Here, at Toast! All Day, 7 is our lucky number, and we are confident when we say that luck has nothing to do with how diverse, flavorful and irresistible these mimosas are any time of the day. That’s right, these mimosas are served all day, everyday. Yes, that means you can even enjoy our specialty mimosas at dinner, or during happy hour. These mimosas are refreshing, they’re boozy, and do we even need to point out the obvious, they’re delicious. If you thought mimosas were just champagne and orange juice, you are in for quite a pleasant surprise. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the 7 mimosas we highlighted below and come try all of our mimosa variations at any time of the day.

Specialty Mimosas

The Classic Mimosa- For Those Who Keep It Classy.
Do we need to explain? It is bubbly with that classic tang of orange citrus that compliments any one of sweet southern specialty dishes.

The Tropical Mimosa- *Let’s Pretend You’re In The Tropics*
This guy has a little more kick to it than our classic with Tropical Red Bull mixed with champagne, rather than the typical OJ. It is sure to pack a little more punch.

Tropical Mimosa

Poinsettia- Because Adding Cranberry To Cocktail Drinks Just Seems Right
At only $5 a glass, it is almost impossible to pass on this one, especially if you enjoy transfusions. We make this one with champagne and a dash of cranberry juice- adding the perfect amount of sweetness.

Peach Bellini- For All The Southern Belles
What goes better with champagne than peach schnapps? You’ll be just peachy after having this refreshing delight!

Peach Bellini

Hibiscus- For The Sophisticated Mimosa Drinker
We consider this one top notch. Being our most expensive option on the menu, we encourage you to ditch the glass and fast forward straight to purchasing the carafe for $22. I mean who doesn’t love St. Germaine elderflower mixed with champagne? The floral undertones will have you feeling like you’re in a botanical garden.

Tequila Sunrise- The Name Says It All, Tequila In The Morning
For all our Tequila lovers out there, this ones for you! The cousin to the classic drink, this relative has tequila, bubble, OJ and grenadine. Mas, por favor!

Hawaiian Mimosa- The Tropics with a Touch of Curacao
Even if you’re in lovely Charleston, sometimes you just want to be in Hawaii. This mimosa will make you feel like you are on one of the 5 islands. With rum, pineapple juice, blue curacao and champagne, this mimosa might have you thinking you actually are in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Mimosa

As you can see, 7 is an exceptionally lucky number at Toast! All Day. That is why we offer all of our speciality mimosas at any time of the day for all of our diehard champagne drinkers.If you thought our menu couldn’t get any better than that, it just did! Our sweet southern specialty dishes compliment perfectly our speciality mimosa selection. For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend trying one of our specialty mimosas with our Deluxe Stuffed French Toast. This sweet dish has been recommended by the New York Times and is always a crowd-pleaser.

Deluxe Stuffed French Toast

Whether you are traveling to the area for vacation or a local, Toast! All Day is a great spot that is sure to satisfy a wide-range of palettes. Our menu offers a wide range of southern specialties ranging from fried green tomatoes, brunch classics and low-country classics, such as shrimp and grits. For those who are always hungry for dessert, grab a beignet for the plane ride back home! We’re confident that these lucky 7 mimosas have convinced you that there is no better place to celebrate life’s little wins than at Toast! All Day. We pride ourselves on providing an environment that is inclusive to all and has something for everyone. That is why our restaurant’s menu is so diverse. Whether you’re a regular or visiting from out of town, we are positive you will be welcomed with southern hospitality you will write home about- or take home with you if you have leftovers!

What are you waiting for? Come to Toast! All Day and let’s add to your luck! Check out more of our blogs here.

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