Behind the Scenes at CHG

Behind the Scenes at CHG

Who Is Charleston Hospitality Group?

Charleston Hospitality Group is known for providing each guest an experience that is just as unique as the next. Comprising over 5 different restaurant brands and over 10 total restaurants in South Carolina, Charleston Hospitality Group is now expanding nationally! Our restaurant concepts include Toast! All Day, HonkyTonk Saloon, Eli’s Table, JohnKing Grill and Piano Bar , Queology and Tabbuli. Our success stems from all our personnel behind the brand. It is important to our organization that our standards of service are consistently excellent across the board. Our team all share the same mindset and the passion behind our mission statement, “Something for everyone!”. Yes, indeed- there is something for everyone at all our restaurant locations. Providing each and every one of our guests with an unmemorable experience is one of our core concepts and operational strategies that we strive for everyday at Charleston Hospitality Group.

Charleston Hospitality Group Corporate Office Building

What Sets Our Company Culture Apart From The Rest?

Here at Charleston Hospitality Group, it is not only important to foster an environment based on support, understanding and unlimited growth potential, it is also fundamental for our employees to love the work that they do! It has been proven that the top reasons employees stay at their place of employment is based on these three different factors. These have been reported by Robert Half business review and include:

1) They are happy with their compensation.
2) They are provided a work environment where they are able to be self- expressive.
3) The work they are producing is challenging and gives them a purpose.

Charleston Hospitality Group recognizes hard work and dedication. We promote often and acknowledge our team members when they do well and push them to their greatest potential. Not to mention happy employees directly influence happy guests, which is then translated to a fruitful bottom line. From there we scale and grow indefinitely.

Anatomy of a happy employee

Graphic provided by Robert Half

What Does A Typical Work Day Look Like At CHG?

Being in an industry that marches to the beat of it’s own drum, there is no typical day at Charleston Hospitality Group. Our industry and people behind the madness thrive off of high-paced, and often chaotic environments. We understand that this industry is not for everyone. Those who do share this mindset enjoy this industry and find their work extremely rewarding. Whether our employees work in the restaurants or at our headquarters, one will always find each day filled with a new adventure, opportunity and challenge.

What Are Our Core Values At CHG?

Our core values at Charleston Hospitality Group includes loyalty, spirit of service, camaraderie, integrity and accountability.Loyalty– encourages all employees to do their best work and perform to their greatest potential.
Spirit of Service– employees who love the work they produce, believe in our company’s mission and work hard towards a synced goal
Camaraderie– When your employees feel supported by their team members, the result is
1) Team performance increases
2) Improves teamwork
3) Boosts employee retention
Integrity- employees are self- aware, accountable, responsible and truthful. Employee performance is consistent
Accountability– Employees take action and responsibility for their tasks

Charleston Hospitality Group Core Values
Core Values Vector Chg

It Doesn’t Stop There!

See what Sam Mustafa has to say about what it takes to build high-performing teams in the, “What Makes a Team Successful” article. With over 15 years experience as an owner of restaurants, Sam has learned the importance of leading by example, understanding employees and empowering them to be the best through continuous guidance and mentorship.

What Do Our Employees Have To Say About Working At CHG?

See for yourself! Check out this video and behind the scenes employee interviews!