9 Years of Smokin’ Hot Que!

9 Years of Smokin’ Hot Que!
Queology, Charleston Hospitality Group’s award-winning BBQ venue, is celebrating 9 years of serving the Charleston community with mouth-watering BBQ and signature sides. Queology opened in 2012 and to celebrate BIG – just like our BBQ pork butts, we’re putting out some special promotions to celebrate this momentous occasion.
From September 13th – September 19th, you can:
  • Sip on $9 signature cocktails along with $9.99 pork and chicken sliders.
  • On Friday, September 17th and on Sunday, September 19th, there will be live music by DJ Breezy, a Queology favorite!
Many may not know our story, but our smoking BBQ dish is iconic here at Queology and has won a variety of awards and accolades. Since 2001, we’ve worked to perfect our balanced signature flavor savory, sweet and smoky flavor through our years of competitive BBQ. Competing in a variety of cooking competitions and network shows designed to show off the culinary masterful art of perfecting “fall of the bone” BBQ. Some of our most recent trophies include:
  • 1st place in Pork and 3rd place in Ribs at the Berkeley Bar-B-Que Cook-Off.
  • Grand Champion at the Commissioner’s Cup “Smokin At The Farmers Market”.
  • “Best of Berkeley” Moncks Corner, SC
  • Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Southeast Regional, Hendersonville, TN 3rd Chicken, 8th Ribs, 7th Pork, 12th overall.
We know Queology has some pretty tasty BBQ, but what’s the secret behind their saucy success? In our recent 4th of July blog post we talked to the pitmaster of Queology restaurant Gregory Wouters about his BBQ tips, and how to make your version taste just as homey and award-winning as his. Here are some of his “pit tips” to make your BBQ taste as award-winning as his.
  • Patience. Low and slow is the only way to get the desired results. Fat takes a good deal of time to render and breakdown the collagen which in turn provides that moist flavor-packed meat everyone is looking for.
  • The right equipment and the right ingredients are essential in creating a BBQ entree that is tender, juicy and fat rendered to perfection.
  • Take your time, your guests would rather wait for the perfect BBQ than have a mediocre product served in a timely fashion.
  • Don’t forget to rest your meat, one huge mistake people make is not giving the meat time to rest which allows the moisture to get reabsorbed. If you slice it too early that entire flavor is going to be left on the cutting board and not in your meat.
  • The right sauce is a must. We’ve created our own special pork rub and poultry rub that gives our BBQ that distinct, mouth-watering, unforgettable flavor. We’ve even bottled up our special sauces so you don’t have to work to perfect ours. We’ve already done that for you.
While we’ve already gone over the multiple awards Queology has won for their delicious tasting food, what is the one dish that people love the most? Pitmaster Gregory stated that, “our slow smoked baby back ribs continuously blow people away. The smoky aroma from our hickory wood combined with our award-winning rubs and signature sauces offer a flavorful and aromatic experience for all of our guests” also adding that the process of “using our signature pork rub and then our low and slow cooking technique, the final product is truly unmatched to the competition.”
Queology Baby Back Ribs
It is without a doubt that here at Charleston Hospitality Group we are beyond proud of the work and product Queology delivers on a day to day basis. The precision and dedication our pitmasters have to making the best quality bbq is unlike any other. We are so beyond excited to be celebrating this monumental milestone of 9-years of Queology and we look forward to the many more years to come. We hope you stop by Queology to enjoy the special deals we are offering to celebrate this milestone and the award winning BBQ we produce! We hope to see you soon!