5 Favorite Refreshing Summer Cocktails

5 Favorite Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Cheers from Charleston! We’ve spent the last few months curating what we believe to be the most refreshing boozy drinks. Charleston Hospitality Group has created the perfect summer drink list for you! What better way to kick off the summer than sharing a statement cocktail with those closest to you? From margaritas to bloody marys, aperitifs to digestifs, this list will not disappoint. They’re refreshing, they’re boozy, and they’re delicious, so what are you waiting for? Keep reading for cocktails proven to make any experience go from great to even better!

For our gin guys and gals: The Butterfly Kiss from Eli’s Table
We’ve all heard of Eli’s Table located on Meeting Street, and if you haven’t, where have you been? The high-end restaurant-bar combo is adorned with tasteful decor and has equally elegant cocktails to boot, including their exquisite specialty- The Butterfly Kiss. This cocktail is perfect for the cultivated palate; Bombay Sapphire gin is infused with butterfly agave tea, before being mixed with lavender, lemonade, and turbinado. The Butterfly Kiss is stylish, floral, and light, with a twinge of classic gin bitterness, an absolute must-try this summer.

Rum Punch

For our wine lovers: The Frosé from Toast!
Is it just us, or is there something about the summer heat that just leaves you craving rosé? And not just any rosé… frosé, because we all love an adult slushy. If you agree, look no further than Toast! on Coleman Blvd. You just know that a restaurant named “Toast!” has to have great drinks, and we can confirm… they do. The Frosé from Toast! is both bright and mouthwatering. It is the perfect addition to a brunch, summer evening on a patio, or really any occasion at all. The sweetness of the rosé is amplified by strawberry puree before being cut by citrus undertones. We can verify that this adult slushy is fit to combat the Charleston heat, and we’re here for it.


For our Cowboys & Cowgirls: The Strawberry Smash from the Honky Tonk Saloon
For those wondering what exactly HonkyTonk Saloon is, let us clarify – this is the place to be if you love country music, dancing, and great cocktails. Located just outside of Charleston, the HonkyTonk Saloon is a guaranteed great experience with nightly live music, amazing food (insider tip: get the BBQ tacos), and the perfect summer drink – the Strawberry Smash. This blended signature cocktail features Strawberry & Rose Smirnoff, and is a crowd-pleaser. This smash is fitted with fruity notes from the strawberry, and a floral accent as well. It’s the perfect pre-honkytonk drink, take it from us!

Strawberry Smash

For those who want a taste of the tropics: The Rum Punch from JohnKing Grill
If you enjoy rum cocktails, and haven’t tried JohnKing Grill’s Rum Punch, you’re seriously missing out. Sitting on the corner of John and King St- JohnKing Grill and Dueling Piano Bar got their name. Just one sip of this fruity cocktail will have you feeling like you’re on a tropical vacation. The ingredients include pineapple juice, orange juice, dark rum, lime juice, and grenadine, and take it from us, it’s awesome. The Rum Punch is equal parts citrusy and sweet, with the dark rum adding an important boozy undertone. Forget mimosas! Now that JohnKing Grill is open for Sunday brunch, this Rum Punch needs to be your next hair of the dog staple!


Butterfly Kiss

For those needing a Sunday Pick-Me-Up
Who knew barbecue joints made great cocktails? Queology Barbecue on Market Street offers all remedies for a hangover- from loaded fries to pulled pork sammies. When you’re feeling the repercussions of over indulgence from the night before, it’s time to queue the drinks, and we recommend the TNT Bloody Mary. I’m sure you’re thinking, how cliché, but this bloody mary is anything besides ordinary. Queology uses homemade bloody mary mix infused with their award-winning sauces and mixed with whichever vodka you prefer, options including cucumber, jalapeno, and even pork-infused liquors! Garnished with a chicken wing, corn, celery, lemon, lime, pickled okra, olives and a pork rub rim, if you’re looking to curb your hangover with an easy fix, look no further than Queology!

TNT Bloody Mary