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It is evident that the hospitality industries will be required to adopt new habits moving forward as our world has dramatically transitioned with COVID-19. In March, it is recorded that 3% of restaurants permanently closed. In April, the number is expected to spike to 11%. The National Restaurant Association estimates a potential loss of $225 BILLION in the industry.

When it comes to socializing or dining out, you can expect a lot of your customers to remain cautious once the quarantine is lifted. Some of your regulars may change their daily routines and others may simply continue relying on take-out/delivery options. This is why it is important to start taking action now on what needs to change in your current business model.

As a serial entrepreneur restaurateur, I can say that this hit to our economy is incomparable to any crisis I have encountered in the past 30 years of working in the industry. What I have learned as a business owner is to be always be ahead of industry standards. On the wall of our corporate office we have the saying, ‘Prior-Planning and Preparation-Prevents-Poor-Performance.’ This applies 24 hours a day to all of our entities, especially right now.

I would like to offer my insight on best practices moving forward if you own or operate any sort of dining experience:

Lastly, take action in your community. Right now, our world is in great need of support and giving. You don’t need a grandiose movement to make a difference, but you can utilize what resources you do have (social media) to offer your service whether it is discounted packages for families, a relief fund for your laid off staff or simply partnering with another business to support one another. The Charleston Hospitality Group has implemented Full Belly’s Full Hearts during these trying times offering free meals to healthcare providers and first responders to show our appreciation for their hard work and sacrifices during this pandemic.

Overall, the action needs to be taken now. Get your team on board for a post pandemic plan as soon as possible to ensure a safe and effective transition back to reality.

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