John King Grill and Bar suffered significant damage due to protests

Restauranteur and Resident for Over 30 Years in Charleston, Sam Mustafa Provides Statement

John King Grill and Bar suffered significant damage due to protests.

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, June 1, 2020 — Sam Mustafa with Charleston Hospitality Group, recounts the night of protests on Saturday which resulted in significant damage to his establishment John King Grill and Bar restaurant. Here is his statement.

“Around 9 PM on Saturday night, I was downtown watching our community that has worked tirelessly to rebuild itself back up due to COVID-19, be torn down again from violent riots. Along with many other businesses downtown, our location John King Grill and Bar was destroyed. The windows were broken in and our register, along with all of our liquor bottles, were stolen.

In light of all of this darkness, our community has once more shined through with an absorbent amount of support. Thousands of people are coming together downtown to clean up, passing out food, bringing wood to board up the broken store fronts and so much more.

My concern is more than our storefront being broken into, it’s how and why the city was not prepared to prevent this from happening. I support the peaceful protests and believe the actions pre-riot were applaudable. The city should have been more proactive in their plans to monitor the transition of a peaceful protest to the riot breakouts and trust authorities will take more necessary precautions in the future. Charleston can do better to ensure proactive measures are in place to protect our beautiful city and once again we will rise above anyone who works to destroy it,” states Sam Mustafa, CEO.

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